What TV services are available?
There are 2 flat screen TV’s and the cottage is equipped with a large selection of DVD’s for adults and children.

Is there internet service available?
There is high speed internet service at the cottage. There is also a good cell phone signal. Many restaurants in Huntsville are equipped with free internet for you to access.

Where is the nearest grocery store?
The nearest small convenience store and gas station is located in Sprucedale—a 10 minute drive away, north on Stisted Road. The nearest large grocery store is in Huntsville.

What about garbage pick up and recycling?
Garbage and recycling need to be taken to the dump located in Sprucedale. Opening times and directions to the dump are located at the cottage. You will need to take a card with you (provided at the cottage) to access the dump site. All garbage must be removed from the cottage at the end of your stay—there will be a $25 dollar charge taken from your security deposit if garbage is not removed.

What do I need to bring in the way of household supplies?
You need to bring: sheets, pillow cases, towels, toilet rolls, dishwashing and laundry detergents.

I have a small dog who doesn’t shed his fur. Can I bring him to the cottage?
Unfortunately due to allergies, we cannot allow any pets at the cottage.

What if we want to smoke?
Please smoke outside and use the provided containers for your cigarette buts, in an effort to keep the environment clean and pleasant for everyone to enjoy.

How much cleaning up do we need to do?
Please leave the cottage in the same condition as you found it. There is a very narrow window of time between rentals for extra cleaning. There will be an additional charge for excessive cleaning if required. This will be a minimum of $75 to be deducted from the security deposit.

What if we break something?
Please inform the cottage owners so that a replacement can be arranged. Depending on the circumstances and item involved, costs may be deducted from your security deposit.

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